Collective Architecture

Edge of a modern building

Architecture is an architecture studio based in St. John’s, Newfoundland that specializes in custom modern design. Kelvin Nyathi and Shanna Nyathi have the most incredible designs that really needed a webspace that was a pixel perfect as their creations.

The design is minimalist and uses negative space and news-style text columns to build a beautiful structure that looks simple but is quite complex in it’s style. The text needed to separate into even columns when the user enters text for each page and that was the first time I had encounter a design that required this. I am quite proud of a specific page layout that is entirely accessible for the client to change on their own in the backend without breaking the layout.

collective architecture screenshot

I am madly in love with the home designs created by Collective Architecture. I daydream about purchasing Micro Pod design but I think I have a few more websites to code before that happens! Check out their design because I cannot rave about them enough.

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